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Fran Cruz was born on August 10, 1975, in Seville, Spain. During Christmas of 1983, being only 8 years old, and like the rest of the people in this planet, Fran is deeply impressed by Michael Jackson's “Thriller” video. That is the precise moment when Music breaks into Fran´s life, and from then on it stayed forever.

It is not until two years later when Fran has his first contact with studies on musical theory and with different musical instruments, discovering at school the subject to learn music, and joining the small local school orchestra playing the Xylophone (the only available instrument at that moment). From that point on, Fran´s interest for the art of combining tones and sounds with the right tempo has been growing without limits.

In 1987, Fran´s aunt Ana gives him his first guitar as a present for his 12th birthday. A first guitar which (inevitably) Fran learns to play in a self-taught way. With that same first guitar he begins to play and sing songs from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and of course, of Michael Jackson.

But something happened in a natural way when one day Fran begins to write his own songs. Something that he would continue to develop and work on to this day. In 1991 Fran creates his first band along with some friends and begins to perform live. From that moment on, and with different bands and various musicians from all over the world, the act of performing live becomes his daily life, his school, his way of making a living, and ultimately his door to discover other angles, features, and twists in music. He has been playing and composing for and with other bands and other artists during these last 26 years, taking him through the stages all over Spain, England, Italy, Croatia, Austria and mainly Switzerland (country where he currently has set his residence).

Fran has written songs not only for the bands he has collaborated with, but also composed specifically for many other Spanish and Latin American artists. He has always combined live performances with musical composition, not only writing songs of various styles for various other artists, but also composing jingles and music themes for radio, television and cinema. Because of this, Fran has developed a vast experience with orchestration, arrangements, and musical production. Although he can play several instruments, and has studies in orchestration and violin, Fran has always considered himself above all a vocal singer and a composer rather than an instrumentalist.

To compose and write scores for the industry of film and motion pictures is one of Fran´s greatest passions. A passion that has never been easy to develop because of the amount of time and effort that has always been required in traveling through different countries and to prepare so many different repertoires, and polishing the work of his live stage performances.

But after 26 years of experience playing on stages throughout half of Europe, Fran now feels more than ever that the time has come to concentrate all of his time and all of his efforts on fulfilling this passion... to be a composer and create music for the film industry.

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